The Darkslide

Learn to Darkslide with Ben & Levi.

It’s the hottest move you can do right now. It’s fun, easy and any kitesurfer can give it a go. Watch Ben, perfect Levi’s darkslides in this coaching video episode #1.  

keep it simple, make it stylish

There are 2 ways you can do a Darkslide

  1. Darkslide with a (back) kite loop – added style bonus
  2.  Redirection of kite – recommended for learning

Important for every entry into the darkslide is:
a good edge | speed | kite control. 


Keep the kite at 1:30 to load while starting to fall forward.

As you fall forward it’s important to lean off the centre lines and not to sheet in, holding yourself from the bar.  This is where power and speed is most important.

Just before you hit/bellyflop the water, this is where you sheet the kite in and either red-direct the kite or kite loop.


With speed and commitment, kick out your back leg, pointing your back toes which flips the board under slicing the water.

As you start to slow down, sheet in the kite which will pull you back off the water to ride away with style.

Check in with Levi on his Instagram account to see how he went after these tips and if you have some footage you want some coaching on, let us know and the Stoke Coach can help you too.

The Stoke Coach Ben Strowger, is a team rider for North Kiteboarding & Zephyr Tours, manager and kite instructor for Ocean Addicts.