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 Kite lessons by the hour

JULY 5 - 15th   or   SEPTEMBER 13 - 23rd

In 2017, Zephyr Kite Tours is offering lessons only outside of our regular all-inclusive kite tours.  Our Instructors have made themselves available at the beginning and end of our tour season and keen to teach you while you are on Cocos enjoying paradise.

Our qualified IKO instructors arrange lessons within your stay to suit the best winds & tides.

Sessions are taught from our beginner-friendly kite beach with consistent winds, sandy beaches and crystal clear water. The open uncrowded lagoon ensures you are safe under the watchful eye of our team at all times and to offer extra safety, our support boat is always available.

Get 20% off lesson prices if you have good quality suitable gear with you.

We have maximum 4:1 client to instructor ratio where the instructor will ensure you get a good mix of one-on-one lessons, coaching and down winders.


  1. Select July or September,
  2. Choose the amount of lessons you require,
  3. Use the code OWNGEAR if you have it,
  4. On the booking form let us know:
    1. the dates you will be on Island,
    2. your accommodation and
    3. what level you are.

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Terms & conditions: Un-used lessons will only be refunded if the weather or conditions were unsuitable over the whole 7 or 11 days to complete the whole package.
Refunds are not given due to lack of attendance or unavailability during ideal conditions.