Kite Progression

Maximum progression for all levels

Intermediate to Advanced kiters

Experienced riders who are confident staying upwind and ready for some some awesome kite adventures or new tricks will enjoy the guided kite tours our team lead. Up-winders to deserted islands, down-winders to butter smooth water, long hauls to the Blue Holes and the epic lagoon crossing to Direction Island and back are adventures you can only get with our support boat and local knowledge.

Our experienced and advanced team riders will ensure even the best kiter will learn a new trick or two and have a kiting adventure of a lifetime. Our team of highly skilled advanced coaches focus on kite progression no matter what level you are and will ensure you leave with many new tricks under your belt.

Beginner kiters

Beginners have the luxury of being just a kite-line’s length from the beach and the forever watchful eyes of their full time instructors. With plenty of room for body dragging, crashing, tangles, spills and then short runs, down winders and free-riding it’s the perfect learning ground to build confidence and practice in a safe location.

All beginners receive intensive lessons on the best gear to enable fast progress for the first few days then we have all the best North kites and boards for hire or you can bring your own.

Anyone who has not yet tried kiting, only had a few lessons or is not yet staying upwind all the time is considered a beginner and must add the beginner supplement.

Add $500 if you have never tried kiting or had no more than 2 hours on a board.
Add $300 if you can ride a board in each direction but cannot yet stay upwind confidently and need more lessons.

Meet the team here.


Water Safety & wind knowledge
Safe kite flying techniques
Self-launching & landing
Deep water pack down & self-rescue
Riding across the wind
Choosing the right equipment
Deep water riding.



Safe kite flying techniques,
Self-launching/landing and water pack-downs,
Upwind riding techniques
Transitions & small jumps
Toe side riding
Efficient ‘load and pop’ jumps
Back & front rolls
Jump transitions,
How to ride strapless a surfboard.



Lagoon crossings with support boat,
Blue Holes kite rally,
Up-winders to deserted Islands
Kite sessions with our inspiring team riders,
Regular kite trick clinics,
Wheel of Death challenge,
Clinics on kite repairs, wind & tides etc.
Strapless surfboard, SUP & skim board riding,
One-on-one lessons,
Demo new North & Naish Equipment,

[Tom Hebert Cocos Islands 2013]