The Ultimate Progression Session

With small groups and full time experienced IKO instructors  & coaches dedicated to you all day everyday, your kite progression is our main focus mixed with loads of adventures, Island culture and good times!

Our patience with beginners and the ability to push even the advanced guys beyond the limits ensures progression is fast, safe and enjoyable no matter what level you arrive as.

Cocos Keeling Islands – Australia

Made up of 27 islands, the Cocos Islands form a ring around a central lagoon. Only 2 islands are populated with just 800 people living there full time.   Its lack of development makes the Cocos extremely unique; there are no resorts, no street or beach sellers, no large shops… just wind, water, coconuts!

24/7 consistent trade winds

The Cocos Keeling Islands are in the middle of the Indian Ocean and sit SMACK BANG in the middle of the winter trade winds and have an average of 20 knots all winter.

We always plan out tours around the best windy months for the location – check out the Cocos wind stats here.

It’s all about learning new tricks

If you already know how to kite, then you’ll love what we have planned for you!  It’s a tour full of up-winders to deserted islands, down-winders to butter smooth water, long hauls to the Blue Holes and the epic lagoon crossing to Direction Island and back.

Our experienced and advanced team riders will ensure even the best kiter will learn a new trick or two and have a kiting adventure of a lifetime.

Beginners have the luxury of being just a kite-line’s length from the beach and the forever watchful eyes of their full time instructors. With plenty of room for body dragging, crashing, tangles, spills and then short runs, down winders and free-riding it’s the perfect learning ground to build confidence and practice in a safe location.

One simple package to suit everyone with
  • Small groups for maximum progression,
  • Unlimited lessons & full time coaching,
  • Loads of adventures, down-winders and challenges,
  • Support boat, vehicles & trailer,
  • Island accommodation,
  • Daily beach transfers including airport
  • Breakfasts, lunches and most dinners
  • Awesome people to hang out with in paradise!

Support and rescue service

Our 3.6m inflatable support boat is always ready for rescue, coaching & lagoon crossings. Even though the lagoon is typically shallow, the boat is a great platform to coach from on lagoon crossings and provides peace of mind for beginners & intermediates partaking in our long down winders or in the event of equipment failure.

Your instructors & team

With many years of combined experience, our mature and professional Zephyr team are there just for you. On every tour we have qualified IKO instructors, beach assistants, bus drivers, hosts and cooks who are all there to make your Cocos experience easy and carefree. Meet some of the team here.

A quote from our past customer sums up our services better than any marketing blurb we can spin… “the only decision I needed to make is whether to shower with soap or without” – Anita

Zephyr beach HQ

Our Zephyr kite shack located right on kite beach has all you need for a big day’s kiting. Leave your gear in the racks for your whole stay and enjoy some rest under our large star tent and comfy sun loungers. Complete with breakfast bar, BBQ, music, water, 1st aid, marine radios AND a kitchen sink.

Daily Beach Transfers

Our Zephyr 4WD 11 seater Toyota Troop Carrier & trailer will collect you each day from your accommodation and drop you home again after a big day of kiting or a long down winder.

Healthy & delicious meals

We know it’s important to be healthy and nourished while kiting for many hours a day so we provide all breakfast, lunch & refreshments at kite beach or at some other picture perfect location around the Island.

The meal plan has been designed around the limited availability of produce and options on the Island, limiting single use plastic and taking advantage of local food providers.

All tours include:
Breakfast, Lunch, Daily treats, Fruit, Tea, Coffee & Refreshments.
7 night tours include 4 dinners & 11 night tour include 5 dinners.

Please budget approx. $25-35/meal (cash) for eating out on nights meals have not been provided.

Most of the accommodation have cooking facilities and the local supermarket has the essentials to eat at home if you choose.  If you have any dietary requirements we recommend you bring them with you or let us know upon booking.

Deluxe island accommodation

For 2017 we have included accommodation into all packages based on twin share. We use the Cocos Village Bungalows, Cocos Castaways, the Cottages and the Lagoon house for families and groups.

Our deluxe accommodation packages ensure you get the right service… not just from us but from your hosts too.  We have accommodation for:


Details of exactly which accommodation you will stay in for your tour will be sent to you upon booking based on your needs and availability.

With very limited beds on the Cocos it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment.

Kite equipment for hire and demo

We have all the latest NORTH Kiteboarding equipment in our Cocos kite center which is of the highest safety standards and always well maintained. We stock a huge range of shapes and sizes to suit all riders and abilities.

Complete beginners start lessons on our 7m 4 line kites (Evo & Neo) and large wide boards (Gonzales) but we recommend beginner kiters purchase FULL HIRE as all of our gear is easy to use and the perfect sizes for the Cocos wind conditions.

Kite hire is also available for intermediate and experienced kiters too if you want to try a range of sizes and styles, new equipment or don’t want the stress of travelling with your own gear.

Getting to Cocos

There are 2 flights a week to the Cocos & to Christmas Islands only on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Each day there is a round trip landing on both Islands. We plan our tours around the best times for travel from the east coast and beyond where you can get connecting flights if need be.

Flights start from  flights start from ~$950 rtn if booked early and can increase to ~$1500+ during peak times and as the seats sell out. To purchase flights to the Cocos Islands visit the Virgin Australia website or contact Island Explorer Holidays in Perth who specialise in the Indian Ocean Islands.

The Experience

As with all Zephyr Tours, we make sure your holiday is totally out of the ordinary to experience all the the Cocos has to offer.

Your action packed tour timetable will see you playing golf over the runway with a beer and the locals, feeding the sharks on dusk, learning about the Cocos Malay’s and their culture on our Home Island tour,  snorkelling and freediving the Rip on Direction Island and sharing a meal or hangi cooked by the locals.

These tours are very popular and sell out fast
see what our past guests say…

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